You’re on a working holiday in Scotland, and that cute guy you’ve had your eye on for weeks has finally noticed you. When he asks you to accompany him in a Highland Fling you just about spill your single-malt whisky – till you realise he means a dance. Problem is, you’ll need to wear traditional costume, and for ladies, that means a sash.

“You do have a sash, don’t you?” he asks

“I… um, I think so” you say, and excuse yourself. “I’ll be right back”.

Back in your room, with your heart racing, you rummage through your backpack for your copy of “101 Uses for a Sarong”. You flick through its well thumbed pages and sigh audibly when you find it – the page entitled “How to wear your sarong as a sash”. You smile wickedly.

“Well Cinders,” you say out loud “Looks like you shall go to the ball”.


Sarongs look fabulous when worn as a sash over a simple cotton dress or jeans and a t-shirt. Try these traditional Scottish sash-styles, or invent your own.

Sarong as sash

Ways to wear your sarong as a sash

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